Featured Restorations (Before and After)


Wood refinishing processFurniture refinishing and repair

CT Refinishing, LLC, takes great pride in the repair and restoration of your fine furniture.  We understand that your pieces of furniture are valuable to you - whether it is an heirloom with sentimental value or just one of your favorite pieces of furniture.  We can make several different kinds of repairs to your wood furniture.  Rid your tables of scratches and dents, or have us create an extension leaf for your table. Say goodbye to those white water rings with our new conversion varnish finish that repels water, protects against acetones, and helps with sun protection. We can re-glue and tighten your chairs and rockers to reinforce stability.  We can also make or repair missing rungs or broken chair legs.

Why buy new, when for a fraction of the price, we can repair these items for you! Bring your items to CT Refinishing, LLC, and let our master craftsman repair them for you.


Antique Wood RefinishersRestoring treasured heirlooms to their orginal glory

Antiques are wonderful pieces of furniture and can be worth great value if preserved in the correct fashion.  You can trust our fine craftsmen and master finishers at CT Refinishing, LLC, to preserve your valuable antiques. Our master finisher has worked for several antique dealers in the city of Milwaukee and has a remarkable reputation for his exquisite quality in turning antiques into quality show pieces.

Antiques not only have good memories associated with them, but also a great history and story from an earlier century. Antiques can be “cosmetically touched up” and brought back to life without losing the value of timlessness of the piece.  Without disturbing the original finish, our gentle touch can enhance the appearance, quality, and value of your antiques.  Call our master finisher today to find out what type of cosmetic touch will help preserve your fine antiques.

restoring antique furniture


Wood Piano RestoringRevive your piano... inside and out!

Pianos are CT Refinishing's specialty.  Our master finisher, Charles, learned his quality skills from the South’s largest piano rebuilding company.  Many furniture finishers say that they can finish pianos, but if they haven't been trained and perfected the skills of color matching and detailing, it's just not true.  Pianos are one of the finest and most expensive pieces of furniture a family might ever own.  The detail, quality, and precision of the custom coloring process that goes into a restoration of a premium piano can only be perfected by intensive years of training with premium pianos such as Steinway and Baldwin, and Chickering Bros pianos.  Our master finisher has over 15 years experience working on these fine premium pianos including concert, baby grand and uprights.  Call today to set up a time to meet with master finisher, Charles, about your piano restoration. 

restoring pianos refinishing

Finishing Millwork

Wood Finishing MillworkWe will finish your trim, new doors, and cabinets

Millwork, doors, trim, or kitchen cabinets... whether its new or has several coats of paint and needs to be refinished, CT Refinishing, LLC, can help pick out a color just right for you.  We have customers who buy homes, but aren’t satisfied with window trim color, crown molding color, or the painted doors. CT Refinishing, LLC is known for a premium finish.  Take a look at our before-and-after photos and you will notice very quickly... we provide a premium finish, not like most others who use minimal finish for their products. 

Increase the value of your home, and let us bring out the quality, excellence, and beauty of your wood with a premium finish in your home today!

stain trim, doors cabinets

In-Home and In-Office Furniture Touch Up

in-home furinture touchup

We'll Come to Your Location

For the convenience of our customers, CT Refinishing, LLC can do in-home or in-office touch ups for small imperfections like scratches or small dents.  Some pieces like desks, conference tables or small end tables can be fixed inside the home or office.


Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Call our shop to schedule a free assessment from our representative today!

Color Matching

Color Matching Stain

Get the right color, at the right price.

Color matching is one of the special talents of CT Refinishing, LLC.  Our master finisher, Charles, has several years of custom color matching experience.


Feel free to bring in an existing item from your home or pick out a color from our large selection at our shop for your new finish.